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2023 Vendor Briefing & Demo Guidelines

Before we dive in, below is a brief explanation of what Analyst Briefings and Demo's are and the role they play in many Analyst Relations programs. In the realm of Analyst Relations (AR), effective communication between vendors and analyst firms plays a pivotal role in building strong relationships and influencing market perceptions. Two key components of this interaction are your team's Vendor Briefings and Product Demos.

Vendor Briefings:

A Vendor Briefing is a structured session in which vendors provide analysts with detailed information about their company, products, services, and strategic initiatives. The primary goal of a Vendor Briefing is to educate and engage analysts, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the vendor's offerings and market positioning.

Product Demo:

A Product Demo is a practical demonstration where vendors showcase the functionality and capabilities of their products or services to analysts. The objective is to provide tangible evidence of how the vendor's offerings address market needs and deliver value to customers.

By providing comprehensive insights into the vendor's company, products, and strategic initiatives, these activities enable analysts to evaluate market positioning, competitive differentiators, and growth potential. Adhering to best practices and aligning with the analyst firm's guidelines enhances the effectiveness of these interactions, ultimately shaping market perceptions and fostering valuable relationships.

The following guidelines were contributed by an experienced Analyst Relations leader for members of the AR Alliance, offering recommendations and outline for Vendor Briefings and Demos. Details may vary depending on the industry, category, or the Analyst firm.

As the below is tailored to Gartner Vendor Briefings and Demos, you may also benefit from the 2023 Gartner MQ Welcome Packet example.

Vendor Briefing Guidelines:

Target Vendor: Gartner MQ/CC for {ABC} Market, 2023

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