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State of Analyst Relations (Report)

As new innovation, buyer behaviors and priorities emerge, AR leaders must adapt and prepare themselves (and their organizations) for this quickly evolving field.

Stronger together, over 400 AR leaders united, responding to the following survey questions in support of one another.

Thank you to all of the AR leaders who kindly contributed.

Come peek behind the scenes of hundreds of Analyst Relations teams located across North America.

Table of Contents:

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1. How many years of hands on experience do you have with AR? 2. How many employees hold AR initiatives as their primary focus? 3. Do you feel your team has the experience & skills needed to achieve desired KPI's? 4. In 2022, did you exceed, meet, or miss AR program objectives? 5. How valued and satisfied do you feel in your AR role? Satisfaction by team size, reporting line, and budget 6. What is your organizations Annual Reoccurring Revenue? 7. AR team size by company revenue? 8. What is your organizations AR budget this year? Follow-up question: Is this higher, lower, or the same as last year? 9. Do you feel clear on your company's business objectives & AR goals? 10. Are your AR KPI's, Program Plan, and Budget clearly documented? 11. How likely are you to be able to access the qualified spokespeople necessary to achieve AR goals? 12. Do your internal spokespeople complete training on messaging and effective analyst communication? 13. How many analyst firms did your organization work with in the previous year? 14. How many analyst firms do you plan to work with this year? 15. Do you provide analyst firms with customer references as proof points? 16. How many annual customer references do you need to source in order to achieve the desired program value? 17. How confident are you in receiving enough customer references to deliver the desired value? 18. Does AR drive, and exclusively communicate with firms to arrange briefings, inquiries, and account management?

Survey Responses:

Source: Analyst Relations Alliance February 2023 Survey

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