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Analyst Briefing Book (template)

If you don't have an Analyst portal, your Analyst Briefing Book acts as your comprehensive reference document, providing information about your company, products/services, market position, and more. (Note: this is different than an Company Briefing Book.) As simply providing briefing slides with speaker notes can at times limit the Analysts' understanding of your company's strategy, innovative roadmap, and competitive differentiation, your briefing book can provide further depth with additional details and background information.

When possible, analyze and explain data points rather than merely presenting them. Showing Analysts how you arrived at information via qualitative or quantitative data analysis can help avoid concerns of information being overstated or misrepresented.

Cognitive Biases to keep in mind:

  • “Primacy Effect”: which is a tendency to better remember the first piece of information presented to us. So, place your most impactful value point at the very top of your executive summary. Get to the good stuff! Especially useful when combined with the “Serial Position Effect” described within the template.

  • Try not to exceed 5 key takeaways in the summary. Research around the Miller’s Law Effect has shown that most people can only keep 5-7 items in their working memory.

    • Ideally, try positioning the most valuable ones in the first and last position as it's naturally easier for a person to recall the first and last items of a list.

(Additional useful ones to keep in mind have been included within the attached template.)


Analyst Briefing Book
Download DOCX • 31KB

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