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7 steps to success in a new AR Role

Contributed by Wendy Shlensky. Delivering AR solutions for over 20 years, Wendy has worked for both firms and vendors.

Whether you’re replacing a previous Analyst Relations manager, or you’ve been tasked with creating a fresh new program from scratch, I suggest targeting the following accomplishments within your first 100 Days:

  • Know who your key analysts are and when their major reports will be kicking off

  • Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your key stakeholders

  • Understand your product and the value it delivers in the market

  • Be able to share a case study verbally with an analyst

  • Have a clear understanding of your organization’s AR goals and available budget

  • Draft an engagement and budget plan for meeting those goals

  • Establish a quarterly schedule for status updates regarding the program

Here's how...

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